Awards 2020

The Caldwell University Faith in Action Hall – We created an immersive experience for the Caldwell University community reflecting the charitable mission and work of the Caldwell Dominican Sisters. The Faith in Action Wall was created with adjustable plaques allowing for future updates. We framed photos of Dominican Saints as well as explaining their virtues. A Dominican Values panel was also created showcasing the values of respect, integrity, community and excellence that dictate the actions of the Sisters of Caldwell.

The Caldwell University Campus Photo Calendar – This desktop calendar offers a mix of beautiful campus photos taken over the years and reflective quotes highlighting Dominican Saints.

The Caldwell University Total Recruitment Package – Since accepted students’ celebrations were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we created a “Get Ready to Roar” themed box. Accepted students received the box that included branded items which could be seen during accepted students zoom events.

The Caldwell University History Wall – Creating a history wall required multiple steps. First, we had to decide what history to include; second, we had to research the location of the imagery; and third, the art needed to be produced and assembled.